Taru Jain

Taru Jain, Peter Moss AML & ALL Student Program Member.


Taru Jain

Taru Jain

Pre-final year undergraduate pursuing B.Tech in IT
Research Intern

Taru is currently a pre-final year undergraduate pursuing B.Tech in Information Technology. In these 3 years, she has developed a strong interest in the field of deep learning and belief in its applications in the healthcare sector.

Taru finds research in areas at the intersection of artificial intelligence and healthcare really intriguing, and this is the real motivation why she joined this program. She was introduced to the program in June 2019 by Dr. Amita Kapoor, who gave her an opportunity to volunteer as a research intern.

Since then, Taru has been working on classification models for Acute Myeloid & Lymphoblastic Leukemia Detection System and exploring different research papers. Taru finds the concept of collaborative learning with developers and professors amazing and is determined to contribute more to this project and put her skills to use for medical science.


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The Peter Moss Acute Myeloid / Lymphoblastic Leukemia AI Research Project is an open source project with the goals of leveraging Artificial Intelligence to help detect AML/ALL and discover potential candidates for drugs to help combat the diseases.

This project is in memory of Peter Edward Moss who lost his battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in August 2019.

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